How Businesses Are Using Outsourcing To Reduce Costs.
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Learn How You Can Focus on Your Business by Leveraging Virtual Teams.
Start saving up to 70% on your payroll costs by outsourcing tasks such as
Digital Marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, and administrative support.
Business owners feel they must have a team they can always see and track to get results. That coupled with wanting to micro-manage every aspect of the business makes the idea of having your own business too much to handle, but is it really too much to handle? We answer this and more in this book.
What You Will Learn

Focusing on business growth and savings, J.W guides your business outsourcing from recruiting, training, and integrating your virtual team member into your business culture. Rise of the Remote Workforce is the ultimate source for growing your business while reducing employee costs.

Save Money
Learn how you can save up to 70% on employee costs.
Dedicated Team Member
Discover how having a remote worker as part of the team improves processes in your organization.
A Win, Win, Win
A Win for your business, Win for your new team member, and a Win for Christian ministies worldwide.
Tips on how to keep track on how your team is working.
Make a positive impact
Making a difference by being the difference.
Be part of the success 
Moving from dreamer to doer is where we can help..
I had the concept to start my business but I didn’t have the people to do the outbound sales calls, go through my client list, and talk about what they offered…until I came across this book which shed light on how outsourcing is the perfect fit for my business"
Dental Safety Net


J.W. Oliver Jr.

J.W. Oliver was born in France the son of a proud, hard-working Air Force Master Sergeant from North Carolina, and a Texan momma who raised four kids and taught them to love Jesus. Spent most of his life in Texas, where he and his wife married in 1994 and raised two children.
As an entrepreneur since age 12 selling “PopRocks” from his middle school locker, he has started up more than 20+ companies from dental imaging, an insourcing center in Africa, an international property management group, a collegiate summer baseball team, a gym and even a skateboard park. (The last three being colossal failures.) He is an avid traveler who enjoys seeing the world. Sees an opportunity in every obstacle. Completed two ½ Iron-Men races, nine Half Marathons, hiked 6 days from Cusco to Machu Picchu all after the age of 48. Is a pilot, ordained minister, author, and hosts a podcast.

He will be climbing to Everest Base Camp in 2021 after a “flu delay” in 2020. He loves to see others laugh and smile, and desires most of all to lift up and encourage others and show them Jesus. He is currently the managing partner for and Global Imaging.

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